Our Story

Am I the only plus size woman that loves vintage?

This was the key question that our founder Diane asked herself before Beloved Endeavour was ever born.

"I've been wearing vintage clothing for over twenty five years, since I was at school. I've always been fat and it has always been difficult to find quality vintage in size 18 and upwards. It was something I was passionate about but it was very frustrating. A few years ago I tentatively took a small shuffle in the direction of the Beloved Endeavour idea (it certainly wasn't a step!) and listed a few large size vintage items on Ebay to see what would happen. The response was great. I then took a bit more of a shuffle and opened an Etsy store which was also well received. Now I've jumped off a bridge into a fast moving water by launching and it feels great!"

        - Diane

It's not ALL vintage

Vintage is our passion but we love modern trends too. We don't strive to be like every other plus size clothing company out there. We know want you to show your personal style and by mixing vintage with current trends we can help you to do just that. We are slowly growing our offering of modern clothing and you are at the forefront of our minds as we do so. Fashion rules don't live here. We encourage you to be bold, mix it up and above all else- have some fun with it!

Like something? Tell us. Don't like something? Still tell us. We're listening.